About Us

The Applepip Project was created in response to the availability of quality natural fiber fabrics in Hobart.  Being a self confessed fabric collector / hoarder I would buy fabrics online but not being able to see and touch the fabrics in real life meant that it could be a bit hit and miss.  So it had been a dream for well over 10 years to open a small fabric shop that provided creative souls like myself with the kind of products I would like see and work with. As time went on and life happened I was resigned to the fact that it would be up to someone else to fill this gap in the market.  Unbelievably this never really happened.  Then, welcome 2020, global pandemic!  Being confronted with ones purpose in life was the motivating factor I needed. 

The name  Applepip Project comes from the property where I live with my rather delightful husband and kidlets. Known as the Applepip,  before the area was subdivided into smaller acreage, the Applepip was a market garden growing fruit and vegetables, many of which were sold in a road side store.  The little store still stands and still has the big apple mounted on its roof.  

Being a bit of a home body, I love cooking, gardening, creating a lovely home, and sewing of course.  All sorts of little projects happen at home, hence the term, Applepip projects....and it stuck. Applepip Project was born.